Artificial Grass for Athletic Turf and Sports Fields

  • Picking the right turf for an athletic field can be a challenge.
  • The right turf has a very distinctive look and feel, but maintaining natural turf is a nightmare.
  • But with artificial turf, an athletic field is very easy to maintain!
  • Little maintenance, durable, colorful athletic artificial turf provides years of consistent use.
  • Smart Scapes designs and installs artificial turfs for athletic fields and sports complexes.
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There is a revolutionary change occurring in the way we do athletic sports fields, and it wears the face of artificial grass. Rather than dealing with cumbersome, high-maintenance natural grass sports fields, we can now enter a new player to the field, literally. It’s time to bring on synthetic turf for athletic fields, and may our sports games never be the same again.

Synthetic Sports Grass, a High-Performance Choice for Sports Fields

Synthetic sports grass is defined simply as the use of artificial grasses and turfs for sports fields. Such turfs can be used on all kinds of sports fields, including fields for high schools, collegiate fields, professional-grade fields, grade school fields, community athletic fields, sports camp fields, etc.

We all know how tough it is to maintain natural grass fields, how much maintenance they require, and their limitations for playability and use. Synthetic turf changes all of that by offering an effective playing surface which is playable in all weathers, which requires less maintenance, which is conducive to fewer injuries, and which takes zero recovery time between games.

Are you ready to sit back and relax while Smart Scapes designs and installs artificial turf on your athletic field? Call (615) 356-0139 to schedule your free estimate!

Synthetic Turf – A More Effective Playing Surface In All Weather

Playing sports or participating in athletic events during inclement weather creates a challenging athletic experience, one of which is further complicated by natural grass playing fields. In the rain, snow, sleet, and hail, natural grass gets muddy, wet, and completely torn up. Not only does this make playing the sport difficult, but it leaves a field quite damaged afterward, requiring extensive maintenance and sometimes a complete replanting. This is not the case with synthetic turf. 

With synthetic turf, rainwater passes through the permeable layers of the turf, through the infill layers beneath the turf, and into the soil beneath, just as nature intended. The water is never on the playing surface long enough to form into puddles and make the field messy, and because there is no dirt involved in athletic turf, there is no way for the surface to get muddy.

Artificial turf solves problems and looks fantastic in the process. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule your free estimate.

Reduce Maintenance Efforts by Ninety Percent or More With Artificial Grass

Maintenance costs for artificial grass are minimal. Natural grass requires watering, mowing, trimming, edging, seeding, fertilizing, weeding, and extensive pest control. All of those tasks add up to thousands of dollars a year in maintenance costs, yet synthetic turfs require none of that. Synthetic turfs are an investment in the upfront, certainly, but they more than pay for themselves over time in maintenance reduction alone.

Fit More Games Into Your Season – Athletic Turf Allows for Back-To-Back Use

Natural grass athletic fields require some time between games for the grass to sort of “repair itself” and recover from heavy use. However, artificial turf athletic fields are quite versatile and can endure multiple sports games or athletic events scheduled back-to-back. This makes an artificial turf field more profitable, as you can schedule events closer together, hence getting more profitability out of the field in any given season. As soon as one team or group is off the field, another can come on and use it, and so on. For fields that are in high demand or which are needed for multiple sports and athletic events throughout each season, synthetic turfs are a wise choice as a ground cover solution.

Virtually no maintenance and year-round use! Artificial turf solves problems and looks fantastic in the process. Call (615) 356-0139 to schedule a free estimate.

A Safe Choice – Artificial Turf Creates a More Forgiving Playing Surface

Artificial turf is comprised of polypropylene and polyethylene fibers, knitted into a soft rubber tire cord backing, which itself rests on top of a 30-grain sand infill layer.  What does this all come out to? It comes out to a playing surface that is softer, more impact-absorbent, and far less abrasive than natural grass and ground is. Artificial turf produces less friction, creates a lower likelihood of injuries, bruises, and abrasions, and offers a more enjoyable playing surface in general.

An artificial turf sports field is consistent too, meaning it is free of rocks, gravel, twigs, roots, weeds, insects, dips, humps, undulations, etc. Not only does this mean there are fewer objects on the field to trip over or be injured by, but artificial turf is more conducive to uniform ball roll, even traction throughout, and a generally more consistent playing surface.

Smart Scapes LLC – Industry Leaders in Artificial Grass for All Uses

Smart Scapes LLC and Celebrity Greens are proud to offer the best artificial athletic turfs and fake grass sports fields available. All of our products are made right here in the States, comprised of non-toxic, high-quality, recyclable materials. Our artificial grasses won’t fade or lose their usability and durability over time. Our products offer a consistent playing experience that lasts for decades.

At Smart Scapes LLC, our expert team of designers and installation technicians deliver a superior quality product and service, one-hundred percent of the time, every time. All of our jobs are backed not only by our products’ manufacturer warranty, but by our own guarantee of customer satisfaction as well. When people ask, “Who is the best artificial turf contractor in Nashville?” we hope our name comes to mind first. But don’t take our word for it. For instant access to our completed projects portfolio and our customer testimonials, check out You can also call our  office any time of the week at (615) 356-0139.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Uses of Fake Grass in Athletic Fields

Questions about the use of fake grass in athletic fields? Want to know more about artificial turf in general? We’ve included a brief FAQ below, but for more information, call us direct at (615) 422-5263 (LAND).

  • Does artificial turf get hot?
  • That depends on where in the U.S. your turf is installed. In intense sun and heat in some geographic areas, artificial turf does warm up. But only in the most extreme of conditions, conditions that would be deemed a heat-stroke hazard for playing sports or hosting events in any way.
  • Does artificial turf fade over time?
  • Not if it is USA-sourced turf. We only use local, made in the USA turf, which does not have cheap fillers in it as imported turfs do. The big difference is in our turf’s lack of calcium carbonate, which is the cause of fading in imported turfs. Calcium carbonate makes import turfs “pop” in their color for the first year or two, but after that the calcium gets bleached by UV rays, giving the turf a sort of chalky, faded look.
  • How long does artificial sports turf last?
  • When the best turfs are used, when they’re installed by experts, and when they’re maintained well, artificial sports turf last for about twenty years.
  • Does artificial turf mat down during a game?
  • It does not. While the turf does flatten when it has weight on it, (like if a player is standing on it), the construction of the synthetic grass fibers causes it to “rebound” as soon as the weight is lifted, (i.e. the player moves). This construction allows the turf to spring back up again, as though nothing had ever been there before.
  • Can athletic artificial turf be used during inclement weather?
  • It can. Athletic turf is made of porous materials, which allows water to pass through the turf and into the layers beneath. Unlike natural grass sports fields which puddle in heavy rain and create muddy, slick playing surfaces, artificial turf allows water to pass through the ground cover, creating an efficient playing field in all types of weather and further extending the playing season and general use season of artificial turf sports fields and athletic fields.

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