Just imagine, a warm Sunday afternoon with the family, an afternoon spent enjoying your artificial grass backyard, not an afternoon spent working in the hot sun to mow the grass, water it, weed it, fertilize it, trim it, etc. That’s the dream that becomes a reality for families who opt for artificial turf over natural grass sod. With artificial grasses, you get a product that looks just like the real thing, yet is durable and lasting, offering years of enjoyment with little to no maintenance.

Is Artificial Turf an Excellent Cover for Any Yard?

Yes, it certainly is. Artificial turf performs wonderfully in any environment or season, be it hot, cold, wet, sunny, dry, snowy, etc. This product is durable. Synthetic grass technology allows us to apply such products in heavy-use areas, such as yards, play areas, sports fields, athletic facilities, dog runs, rooftops, around pool decking, in commercial settings, on playgrounds, in restaurant outdoor areas, etc.

Is Artificial Turf and Grass a Low Maintenance Solution?

Artificial turf and synthetic grass is the most maintenance-free solution to any yard. Imagine your own front and back yards, looking perfectly manicured, year-round, with little to no maintenance. An artificial grass lawn never needs to be mowed, fertilized, watered, or trimmed, yet it looks and performs just like the real thing.

Will an Artificial Turf Yard Save Money?

An artificial grass yard saves homeowners thousands of dollars in upkeep. While artificial turf is certainly an investment up front, such yards pay for themselves over the course of their lifetime in reduced upkeep costs and not having to spend your valuable time mowing, watering, edging, trimming, fertilizing, etc.

Smart Scapes LLC Offers the Most Realistic Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

For the best lawn on the block, turn to Smart Scapes LLC. Our synthetic turfs and artificial grasses look like the real thing, minus the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of upkeep. We utilize a meticulous selection of products to cull the best quality, USA-sourced turfs, and we combine that with over two decades of design, installation, and construction techniques. That all comes together to make quality lawns that are perfect.

Ready to take the next step in transforming your yard into a maintenance-free, long-lasting delight? Ready for a yard that looks great and which stays greenyear-round with no maintenance, cutting, fertilizing, edging, or watering? When people ask who’s the best landscaper in Nashville, or who’s the best contractor for artificial turf in Nashville, we at Smart Scapes LLC raise our hands and hope to answer that call.

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Grass

We hope this article has offered some insight so far on the details of our high-quality artificial turfs and grasses. But if you have more questions, check out our FAQ section below. We’ve included the top five questions about artificial turf that we get the most from our clients.

Only in the most extreme of conditions. For value-priced artificial turf, yes, these products are made from cheaper plastics and nylons, and they do get hot in the sun. But the artificial grasses used by Smart Scapes LLC are made from polyester tire cord and polypropylene, which conducts heat better than cheaper jute and plastic-based artificial turfs do.

No. Our artificial turf is UV stabilized to retain color and sheen. But be cautioned. Not all artificial turf is made this way. Cheaper artificial turf products imported from overseas have calcium carbonate fillers added to them. The calcium carbonate “props” the initial characteristics of the turf at first, but unfortunately these products wane quickly under UV light, leading to chalking and fading.

Yes, it does. We get asked this question often because the last thing any customer wants is to invest in brand new, high-grade artificial turf, only to have it retain water after a storm and be essentially unusable in the days following the storm. But thankfully, artificial turf is installed with a drainage system built into the soil beneath it, allowing for proper permeability of stormwater through the turf, through the layers below, and down into the base soil layers and groundwater beneath. In this way, artificial turf functions just as natural sods and grasses do.

Just as with anything else, there is a significant price disparity in synthetic turf products, based off of brand quality, style, color, design, and sourcing. On average though, most artificial turfs run from fifteen to twenty-five dollars per square foot, installed.

The beautiful thing about artificial turf is that it is a one-time cost to install, and then the product is essentially free for twenty years. With very little maintenance, high-quality artificial turfs and grasses will give you endless hours of enjoyment for twenty years or more.


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Smart Scapes Featured on the Local On 2 Show with Silvia Castaneda and Laura Schweizer

Smart Scapes Featured on the Local On 2 Show with Silvia Castaneda and Laura Schweizer

Smart Scapes Featured on the Local On 2 Show

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