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Best Practices and Potential Challenges when Installing Paver Overlays

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It finally happened! It’s been coming for some time, but you can no longer look at your ugly driveway or patio. For most Nashville homeowners, the thought of tearing up an old concrete/asphalt driveway or patio seems costly at best, and downright intimidating when you consider even more money to install new pavers. 

But there is a simple solution that will look beautiful and add value to your home: Paver Overlays with Smart Scapes LLC.  

Benefits of Pavers 

In the US, roughly 50% of new driveways and patios are concrete. In most cases, concrete is cheaper than other materials, but it also has a tendency to crack. And severe cracking makes repairs almost impossible and costly. Cracked concrete repairs often involve removing large sections and leave unsightly expansion joints  

In Nashville, pavers have become a popular choice for driveways, pool decks and patios. So why should you consider paver? 

Pavers come in a variety of shapes, colors, textures and patterns. Allowing you to create a customized look that is perfect for your driveway, patio or pool deck. Pavers also last for decades, they’re easy to maintain, and can usually be repaired in a matter of minutes. 

Pavers come in two types, standard pavers and paver overlays. With standard pavers, they’re installed on a new substrate. In the case of an existing concrete or asphalt patio or driveway there is only one option. Tear it all up and start from scratch. But what if you don’t want to tear out your existing concrete? 

So what do you do when you have a driveway or patio made of concrete or asphalt? Paver overlays can be installed on top of your existing concrete or asphalt, often for the same price as new concrete. However, while paver overlays are a great alternative, it’s not always possible. 

Things to Consider Before Installing Paver Overlays 

The first thing to consider is the condition of the Concrete or Asphalt. It must be free from any major cracks and uneven settling. Either of these conditions could mean having to tear the section out and create a new substrate. 

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Next, there needs to be a proper slope to your driveway to avoid water pooling. In most cases a driveway has plenty of slope for proper drainage and this is not an issue. Patios can be more of a challenge. Patios may have drainage issues that require a professional assessment to ensure proper water flow after installing a paver overlay. 

And finally, paver overlays will add height to your driveway or patio so doorways and clearances are considered. So what happens at your front door or garage door? In these cases a small section is excavated for new paver installation. Ensuring proper drainage and a smooth transition into your home. Patios once again are more of a challenge. 


The Paver Overlay Installation Process 

If your concrete is in good condition and a paver overlay is possible, the process is simple.  

The concrete surface is cleaned with a pressure washer to remove any dirt and debris. Once dry, edging pavers are installed along the perimeter to prevent the pavers from shifting. Next, a layer of sand is spread across the entire concrete surface. This sand layer creates a stable and even base for the pavers. The pavers are then installed over the sand base. 

Once all the pavers are in place, a joint sand is swept between the gaps to lock them together. This joint sand also helps distribute water evenly across the paver surface. 

At SmartScapes LLC, we use a mechanical installation process to install paver overlays. We are the only contractors in Nashville that use this method. Allowing us to lay 16 square feet of pavers in under 1 minute. 

Why Hire a Professional Landscape and Hardscape Company? 

There are countless online resources about installing paver overlays yourself. And while many have tried, it often leads to mistakes, poor results and failures. Not to mention the costs incurred for these blunders. 

There are too many things to consider when installing paver overlays. From proper concrete or asphalt prep to creating a pattern and leveling the pavers. Not to mention Spacing out pavers, cutting pavers, installing on curves and more. This is a job best left to a professional hardscape and landscape company. 

Smart Scapes LLC is an industry leader with more than twenty five years experience in Nashville. We understand the challenges homeowners face when tackling a project like this. We have installed thousand’s of paver projects throughout Tennessee.  

We can help you choose the perfect pavers for your style and budget. Smart Scapes LLC proudly collaborates with industry giants Keystone, Techo-Bloc, Belgard, and Unilock to provide you with the highest quality concrete pavers for your driveways, patios and pool decks. 

Contact Smart Scapes LLC Today! 

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