Brand New Pavers Mechanically Installed Over Existing Pavement

  • Installing pavers over existing pavement is an affordable and lasting method for completely upgrading the appearance of a hardscape installation.
  • With special equipment, Smart Scapes is able to install pavers over concrete for about the same price as it would cost to pour new concrete.
  • Interested in a new paver installation on your property? Curious about price options?
  • Smart Scapes can make this aesthetic and durable hardscaping option available for a reasonable cost. Call (615) 356-0139 to find out more today.

Though we don’t generally think with it, paved surfaces, whether they are constructed with asphalt, concrete, pea gravel, tar, or just about anything else, any such surface will have to be replaced at some point. It sometimes doesn’t seem this way, but paved surfaces do have a shelf life, even if it is several decades long. But if we own our own homes and businesses for long enough, odds are we will have to replace or transition the paved surfaces on that lot into something newer at some point. And if we inherit a home or business from someone else or buy something that was developed many years ago, odds are we will have to update the pavement slabs that are there as well.

Right off the bat, our thoughts at updating or replacing an asphalt or concrete driveway or parking lot turn bitter. That’s a lot of work, and tearing out an old, paved surface requires heavy equipment, loud noises, and no peace and quiet for several days, maybe even several weeks. Oof. Not something the average homeowner or business owner wants to contend with. Not by a long shot.

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Mechanical Overlay for Driveway and Parking Lot Pavers

What if we could avoid all of that demolition work, and simply create a paved surface over the existing surface? This approach wouldn’t work if we wanted to pour new concrete or asphalt over old concrete or asphalt, as the two don’t generally mesh well, but new technology allows us to mechanically overlay beautiful, cutting-edge, stylish pavers over old, worn out, cracked and pockmarked asphalt, gravel, tar, concrete, cement, etc.

New overlay technology allows us to create miraculous solutions to old and worn out pavement. With this technology, we are able to completely recreate the look of a previously dilapidated, paved surface with stylish and long-lasting pavers. Pavers are the cream of the crop in any paving world, the creme de la creme, that “top shelf” in paving, one could say. Using pavers on a driveway or parking area inspires an aesthetic appeal that just can’t be obtained with even the finest asphalts and concretes.

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The Benefits of Mechanically Overlaying Driveway Pavers Onto an Old Asphalt or Concrete Surface

There are many benefits to overlaying an old, outdated, worn, cracked, and weedy asphalt or concrete pavement with pavers. Perhaps best of all, new mechanical overlay technology allows us to rapidly build a paver system over an old, outdated system not only rapidly, but with almost no demolition of the old system. In fact, we can complete projects in a matter of a few short days and at only about twenty-five percent more than what it would cost to tear out the old slab and replace it with asphalt or concrete.

Less labor, less demolition, less time spent blocking your entry and exit to your home or business, less loud noises, less mess, and a slight increase in cost, and you’re left with a total upgrade in a paved surface, far more appealing than new asphalt or concrete. And perhaps the cherry on top is that pavers last the longest of all forms of paving material, usually outlasting their very owners’ lives by decades. This will be a one-time project for you, and maintenance is minimal.

Old Asphalt, Concrete, and Gravel Covered in Seconds With New, Keystone Pavers

Keystone Hardscapes, one of the leading brands in hardscape equipment, is helping us in providing hardscape and landscape contractors with the materials needed to perform mechanical overlays of concrete and asphalt slabs, sidewalks, patios, entryways, pool decks, porches, driveways, walking paths, parking lots, sidewalks, etc.

It is partially thanks to Keystone technologies and their excellent products that we are able to provide our mechanical overlay service. At Smart Scapes LLC, we may be the innovators in designing and building beautiful and efficient hardscapes and landscapes, but Keystone is the innovating authority in creating the materials to do so.

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The Most Cost-Effective Method for Bringing in Beautiful, New Pavers

Although Keystone products usually come at a premium price point due not only to their aesthetic appeal but also their structural integrity and durability, our use of mechanical overlay technology allows us to perform an overlay project at far less than what a fresh, brand new paver project would cost. In fact, mechanical overlay installation methods are so efficient that their price point is not that much more than what performing a full demolition and replacement of the asphalt or concrete would be. And our customers end up with a far nicer, far more durable, and more customizable end product too.

This is a win-win for our customers. No raucous and ear-splitting demolition. Brand new, exquisite paved surfaces overlaid on old, outdated asphalt and concrete, and all done at a very affordable price point.

Are you ready to take the next step in transforming your old paved surface into a brand new system of pavers, designed exactly to your specifications? Contact us at Smart Scapes LLC today at (615) 356-0139 to learn how we can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to know more about the permeable paving process? Interested in this new technology but don’t quite know where to begin? Intrigued by the design potential and investment benefits of a fully permeable paving system? We’ve compiled a list of questions that we tend to hear about our mechanical installation process, as well as some general questions we get asked about permeable pavers and their benefits. Read on to the FAQ section below for more information, or call out design team at (615) 356-0139 to speak to a representative directly.

  • Does a mechanical overlay technique affect the quality of a paving job?
  • Not at all. A mechanical overlay process combines the extensive experience of our paver installation crews with the precision of a fine-tuned paver machine. These projects are doubly insured for excellence, as the paving machine is highly precise and our paver installation technicians monitor each step of the process and inspect each paver lain.
  • Does having pavers installed mechanically change the price of the project at all?
  • It does, to the customer benefit. Using a machine to install pavers is very cost effective, as our crew is able to rapidly install pavers that would otherwise take much longer to lay by hand. Our company passes those savings onto the customer in order to put the technology of permeable pavers into a more affordable range.
  • Where can I have pavers mechanically installed?
  • Almost anywhere. While our paver machine cannot get into as tight of places and settings as by-hand installation crews can, we find that the machine is best-suited for larger projects like driveways, patios, parking lots, entryways, walking paths, etc. Our crews can rapidly complete smaller, more space-constricted paver projects by hand.
  • What are my options for paver brands if I want to have them mechanically installed?
  • We can work with several paver brands for mechanical installation, but the brand we work with the most is Keystone Hardscapes.
  • What is a “mechanical overlay” paving job?
  • This is a technique for getting a permeable paver system installed without having to tear up old asphalt or concrete. We simply overlay the new pavers over an old, paved surface. This saves on costs as the homeowner or business owner does not have to pay for the demolition and removal of the existing, paved surface.
  • How are permeable pavers an investment?
  • Installing permeable pavers allows for stormwater to seep through the pavers and into the ground beneath. Even if pavers are installed over existing pavement, there is still some water storage potential within the pavers themselves. The goal here is to direct water into and through the permeable pavers, all of which enables homeowners and business owners to avoid expensive rain gardens, water retention ponds, flood cleanup, storm drain maintenance, etc.
  • How does one “design” a permeable paving system?
  • Every permeable system is custom-designed by our hardscaping designer here at Smart Scapes LLC. We use computer design software coupled with blueprints, local restrictions and code regulations, and good old fashioned craftsman’s experience to create designs for efficient and functioning permeable systems.

When people ask, “Who is the best landscaping contractor in Nashville?” or, “Who is the best paving contractor in Nashville?” we want Smart Scapes LLC to be the name on everyone’s mind. To earn that title, we make it a point to get our clients informed on 21st-century paving techniques, how our processes work, why they are the right choice, and how they can benefit the client in the long run. If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to our office at (615) 356-0139. You can also fill out our online form to get more information sent directly to you!

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