Short Courses – Putting Green Installations for Any Home

Imagine transforming your land into your own, private golf course. Imagine being able to play a short course in your own backyard, rather than having to get into your car and drive the distance to your local golf course or country club. Well, if you have a sizable yard, having a short course on your own property is now a reality. 

But how would one go about creating such an eighth wonder? Does the technology even exist to scale a short course to one’s own residential or commercial lot? Is it even possible to build such a course on one’s own private land? The answer is yes, yes, and yes.

The Benefits of Using Synthetic Putting Green Turf for Short Courses

The way in which one would go about making a short course in one’s own yard would be by utilizing synthetic putting green turf. Expert contractors can design topnotch synthetic turf complexes for your residential or commercial needs, whatever they happen to be. And why would they use synthetic materials? Because utilizing synthetic turfs for golf courses has many benefits like:

  • Maintenance is negligible. No landscaping, no watering, no weeding, no fertilizing, no mowing, no replacing areas that get damaged or torn up, etc.
  • Artificial grasses are extremely durable and consistent. One installation of artificial sod will last twenty years or more. And we all know the importance of consistency when working on one’s short game. Artificial materials are completely uniform, down to the very square inch. This makes for the perfect playing surface on any short course.
  • More time spent on the course. With a synthetic short course in one’s own backyard or at one’s business, this simply makes for more time spent on the course, less time maintaining it. And since one has the course just a few steps away, this means less time spent driving to golf courses or country clubs across town.

Synthetic putting green turf wins over natural golf grass, one-hundred percent of the time, every time.

Making a Short Course Golf Putting Green With Artificial Turf

Short courses are the apple of the eye of golfers everywhere. So we asked ourselves, how can we make the short course experience even better? With short course golf putting greens made with artificial turf, that’s how. Sure enough, with synthetic turf technology, we can manufacture polypropylene grasses which seem almost identical to natural grass. Our synthetic grasses use state of the art polymer processes to replicate natural sod. The artificial material on our short courses is designed and made for supple softness, created to flex, bend, twist, and rebound just like natural grass does.

As mentioned above, the benefits of using synthetic grasses that look and feel just like real grass are that the synthetic products last far longer, and with almost no maintenance required. Artificial turf is made with sand infill, providing the turf with a soft, natural feel underfoot, just like the real thing, and again with little to no maintenance required. And to top it all off, artificial turf offers a one-hundred percent permeable backing, allowing stormwater to flow harmlessly through the turf layers, through the sand infill, and into the ground beneath, just as nature intended. All in all, this is truly a superb, superior quality technology for creating the best golfing experience possible.

Smart Scapes LLC – Nashville’s Top Contractor for Synthetic Putting Greens

Smart Scapes LLC is able to innovate, design, and build topnotch short course synthetic putting greens for residential or commercial uses. If you are the owner of a professional golf complex and want to upgrade to synthetic turfs, we can help you with that. If you are a homeowner and you want to convert your backyard into the private golf course that you’ve always wanted, we can help you there too. If you own a commercial business and you want to create a short course putting green on your commercial property so employees can relax after a day’s work (and so you can get a tax write-off), we can help you there as well.

Our designers and installation technicians have the industry experience, golf experience, construction know-how, and design skills necessary to envision and create custom-built synthetic-turfed golf courses for any style, use, setting, or purpose. We are the pros when it comes to detailed shaping, undulations, elevations, sand traps, water obstacles, custom tiers, contours, etc. We don’t just make golf courses, we make signature golf courses. That’s why when people ask, “Who is the best synthetic putting green contractor in Nashville?” our clients say “Smart Scapes LLC.” 

For more insight into our projects and our process, check out our website at, or call our direct line at (615) 356-0139. If you have more questions, check out our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Putting Greens

In our years of creating signature outdoor putting greens, we’ve come to love and respect the fact that no two short courses are alike. However, there are some characteristics we can rely on to be stable and universal, one green to the next. For questions and answers about these characteristics, read on.

  • Does artificial turf ever “mat down”?
  • It does not. Artificial turf is designed for high traffic areas because it does not mat down. While the turf might mat a bit as soon as it is stepped on, the springiness in the synthetic fibers will bring it back up again within seconds.
  • Can you let your pets walk and play on artificial turf?
  • Absolutely! Much like with natural grass, artificial turf is totally pet-friendly. And if you have to clean up after your pet after they have just gone potty on the turf, remove the mess with a plastic bag or “poo scoop” and then just spray any stains or spotting down with a garden hose to return the turf to its bold, green color.
  • Does artificial turf have any toxic chemicals in it?
  • Not if it is premier, USA-made artificial turf, which is the only type that Smart Scapes LLC uses. Cheaper imports from overseas are likely to have unknown fillers and calcium carbonates or other cheap chemicals in them. However, USA-made turfs have to meet rigorous federal and state specifications, hence a much higher level of quality.
  • Can artificial turf hold up in inclement weather?
  • It can. As mentioned earlier, artificial turf is at least as efficient as regular sod is for displacing stormwater through the turf and into the ground layers, if not more so.
  • What degree of maintenance is required for artificial turf?
  • Almost none. The turf should be cleaned of any lingering residuals from storm runoff, and if there are any parts of the turf that have sustained damage, those should be replaced, but overall, synthetic turf lasts for decades with hardly more than a couple hours of maintenance every year.

We hope to have answered some of your questions here, but if there’s more you’d like to know, check out our website at We have a great site portfolio with pictures, videos, services, the products we use, our testimonials and reviews from our clients, descriptions of previous jobs, helpful information for homeowners and business owners, and online forms where you can contact us immediately for a free estimate. Or you can always call us direct at (615) 356-0139 if you prefer to speak with someone today. 

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