Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Smart Scapes LLC provides complete outdoor fireplace design and fire pit installation services in Nashville and surrounding cities. We’ll ensure that your new fireplace works well with any existing landscaping or hardscaping design. Our professional installers have created custom outdoor fireplaces throughout our beautiful cities of Nashville, Brentwood, Green Hills, Belle Meade, Franklin, Mt. Juliet, and Old Hickory, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro and neighboring cities in Tennessee.


Whether you are adding your fire pit to an existing outdoor space or creating from scratch your own personal getaway, our teams are experienced and trained. We look forward to providing you with top notch service. There is nothing like spending a peaceful evening out on the patio with your family and friends.

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Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Here’s a quick look at the different types of fire installations we can create for you:

Custom Outdoor Fire Pit

When it comes to selecting your custom outdoor fire pit, there are several things to consider. Think about the size of the area you want your backyard fireplace, how often you will use the outdoor fire pit, how much heat you want to generate, and how extravagant or simple you want the structure to be. A fire pit extends your living space and makes for a cozy place to gather friends and family on cool nights. Creating this space takes backyard entertainment to whole new level. A fireplace or fire pit in any landscape plan adds a certain elegance that you will enjoy for life.

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Manufactured Stone Fireplaces

One option for your patio fireplaces structure is manufactured stone; it is low maintenance, and durable for temperature changes. Natural field stone or landscape pavers can be used to create your own unique look. You can match your fireplace to your existing hardscape as well. You can also choose from styles like brick fire pits, stone fireplaces, copper fire pits, steel fire pits, fire pit grills, and more! You also will need to decide if you want a wood burning fireplace, propane fireplace, or a gas fireplace. Stone seating makes for a cozy addition. Our install teams can bring your entertaining ideas to reality!

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