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Your dream landscape might live only in your mind now, but Smart Scapes can help you bring that dream to life.

Nashville-area landscapes are full of gentle slopes and richly shaded trees, which can make a dramatic backdrop for a stunning display of hardscaping. The temperate climate encourages many families to extend their living spaces to the outdoors, where stone pavers and pool decks are often crafted from natural stone or other materials. The stylish and sustainable practice of hardscaping your property can add dimension and texture to your space, expanding the area that you have available for outdoor entertainment and family living.

Hardscaping Is an Excellent Addition to Your Property

From boulders to smaller natural stone pavers, hardscaping services can create a significant addition to your property value. Ornamental and architectural retaining walls are our specialty, but you can combine a wide range of materials to create a private getaway or family-focused area outdoors.

Some of the hardscaping services you can enjoy include pavers and retaining walls.


Retaining Walls

Finding the Right Hardscaping Company for Your Project

It’s vital that you work with an organization that employs individuals who are not only able to install the hardscapes but can also help you cast a vision of how your yard can look. There are some wonderful and beautiful advances in this low-maintenance the right team of professionals can help guide you towards the right materials and styles for your unique needs. Your landscape architects should have significant experience working with this type of natural materials, or you risk ending up with an unsustainable amount of work instead of a worry-free outdoor space that you and your family can simply enjoy together! That’s why it’s so important to work with a contractor like Smart Scapes.

Whether you’re looking for the ideal outdoor entertainment space or simply want a retaining wall to reduce soil erosion, you’ll appreciate the artistry that the professionals at Smart Scapes bring to each project.

Drainage problems? Smart Scapes has a solution.


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Storm Guide

Storm Guide

Stormwater management has entered a new phase in the state of Tennessee. The requirements for NPDES municipal stormwater permits, TMDLs, watershed assessments and the desire to protect human life, property, aquatic habitats and the quality of life in our communities has brought home the pressing need to manage both stormwater quantity and quality from our developed and developing areas.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Permeable Pavers for Your Project

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Permeable Pavers for Your Project

When it comes to transforming outdoor spaces, the choices we make go beyond aesthetics. The materials we select have a profound impact on functionality, sustainability, and the overall experience of the space.

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