Machine-Installed Pavers Over Asphalt

  • Want to have beautiful, new pavers at your home or business?
  • Smart Scapes now has the equipment to design and machine-install pavers over concrete or asphalt.
  • This enables our team to deliver beautiful paver installations for about as much as it would cost to pour new concrete or asphalt!
  • Don’t get suckered into another boring driveway or parking lot solution.
  • Call Smart Scapes LLC at (615) 356-0139 to discuss new pavers for your hardscaping project!

Our goal at Smart Scapes LLC is to take on any project of any size, to design and build projects that give clients their dream homes or businesses, and to do so in an eco-friendly way. At Smart Scapes LLC, we are the leaders in innovation and customization for paving and landscaping in and around the Nashville area. On this particular job, we were able to utilize our favorite, high tech machine-install approach. We used our machines to rapidly, uniformly, and easily lay pavers over our client’s old, asphalt driveway.

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Machine-Installs Provide Value on Large Projects

Our installation crews are experts in laying pavers by hand. This traditional approach absolutely has its place in certain jobs and it is still how we accomplish many of our paving projects. No one can deny that there is an art to tasks accomplished by hand and a flair for creativity involved in them as well. Most of the projects that we do are in space-constricted areas that do not allow for the maneuvering of our high-tech machines. In other instances, our clients will want us to create a special design in the paving system itself, something that has to be done by hand.

But when we can, we use our machines for multiple reasons. For one, machine-laid pavers offer a uniformity and a detailed perfection, paver to paver, that is absolutely unmatched when attempted in any other installation process. Another great benefit is that, when the space of the location allows for it and when the project design is amicable to it, a machine-installed paving approach is more affordable for our clients. Our new, machine technology automatically creates a lower price point on many of the projects that we do, simply because we do not have to spend the man hours installing the pavers by hand. This, in turn, allows homeowners and business owners alike to experience the beauty and the time-tested efficiency and durability of paver-built paving surfaces without that famously steep price point that such paving systems are usually associated with.

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Our Efficient Approach to This Project

Let’s talk about the most recent machine-install paving project that we did, right here in our hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. In this project, our elderly clients had an old, downtrodden, practically ancient driveway that looped up to their beautiful country home right on the outskirts of Nashville. Just with one cursory glance, we could easily see that this driveway had been paved over probably countless times with additional pours of asphalt, each one a little thinner than the last. In addition to that, the drive had been patched and repaired quite a few times. One cursory glance and we knew that it was time for a complete change for this driveway.

The way we approached this project was to use our machine-install equipment and to lay a new paver system right over the old, asphalt drive. In doing so, we were able to create a straight, direct, uniform, and very aesthetic pathway of sorts that ran from the county road, across the client’s property, and all of the way up to the house. As an extra bonus for our clients, we didn’t need to remove the old driveway.  The result was that we were able to reduce our overhead costs quite a bit, and the project was done at a very agreeable price for the homeowners too.

A Brand New Driveway That Will Last for Decades

Rather than continuously paving over their already old driveway with more asphalt, our customers had heard about machine-installed pavers and the beauty that such systems had to offer. They had also heard about how long these systems last for, which is essentially indefinitely. While an asphalt drive usually has to be serviced and added to, patched, repaired, and generally fixed up every ten years or less, a paver-installed driveway lasts for all eternity until it is replaced with something else out of choice, not out of necessity. Another bonus of paver driveways is that they almost never have to be serviced. If one paver does happen to break or crack, it can be pulled out and replaced with another.

Our clients now have a driveway that will last as long as they do, and which might even outlast the house itself. The beautiful driveway rests as the focal point of the property, pavers selected in a style so reminiscent of turn of the century Nashville homes. The driveway went from being a rundown, weed-infested, patchy and bumpy track to a gorgeous, winding lane, a lovely path that will guide guests and family alike up through the property and to the home itself.

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Why Our Clients Are Opting for Machine-Installed Pavers

For certain jobs, machine-installed pavers are the ideal solution. Across central Tennessee, our clients are increasingly requesting machine-installed paver systems for the simplicity, uniformity, and the affordability that such installation processes have to offer. This is the first time in the history of paving methods where homeowners and business owners alike can have beautiful, paver-styled driveways, patios, parking lots, or walkways that are affordable at all price points.

Smart Scapes LLC Offers the Best in Landscaping and Hardscapes

This completed project is an example of the versatility and ingenuity of our design and installation crews at Smart Scapes LLC. From landscape design, installation, and upkeep, to paving solutions for any surface, hardscape design, water control and direction, tree care and removal, snow removal, and a variety of other commercial and residential services, we will ensure that all of your outdoor needs at your home or business are fully taken care of.

Wondering who is the best landscaping contractor in Nashville? Trying to figure out who is the best hardscapes contractor in Nashville? Are you ready to transform your old driveway, parking lot, patio, walking path, sidewalk, porch, deck, or sitting area into a beautifully paved masterpiece? Contact Smart Scapes LLC today to get started. We can reached at (615) 356-0139, or you can fill out the online form at the bottom of this page. We offer complimentary estimates and consultations, and our project estimator and designer will meet with you to discuss your backyard, front yard, or hardscape masterpiece!

Our commitment is to help you in all of your hardscape and landscaping needs. We have expert teams of designers and master craftsmen for this exact purpose, all of whom are equipped with years of experience in their respective fields.

Still have questions? Feel free to check out our FAQ section below, or give us a call direct at (615) 356-0139 to speak with one of our friendly staff.

  • How long does it take to install a permeable patio or driveway?
  • That depends on the job, and whether or not we are able to use our machine-install equipment discussed above. But as a general rule, we can complete most jobs in a matter of a few days. Some larger jobs or more intricately-designed paver projects may take a week or more.
  • What is the cost difference between permeable pavers and traditional paving systems?
  • Again, there are variables. But the general rule of thumb is that traditional paving asphalt/concrete is about half the price of our well-done permeable paver systems. But keep in mind that a permeable paver system is a lifetime investment. Barring acts of God, such systems outlast their owners. Compare that to traditional asphalt which much be refinished, repaired, and even replaced. As an added bonus, permeable systems require no water runoff countermeasures as traditional paving methods do. This saves on costs in the long run.
  • Are permeable pavers usable everywhere?
  • Yes. Permeable pavers can take very heavy loads, so feel free to use them in your driveway or a parking lot or outdoor storage space. And given their aesthetic appeal, permeable pavers are just as suited on a backyard patio amongst lawn furniture and dining areas as they are in a heavy-duty, utilitarian application such as parking spaces for heavy trucks or equipment. One can use them anywhere and everywhere.
  • Are your pavers eco-friendly?
  • Absolutely. Permeable pavers direct stormwater into the ground below, as nature intended.

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