We all know that children love to play. And we as parents, teachers, caregivers, and guardians of children want kids to have as much play time as they can get. Why else would most cities in America havedozens of playgrounds within their city limits? In fact, the nationwide average for playgrounds per capita is five playgrounds for every ten thousand residents. So if the average size of an American city is about two-hundred thousand people, that’s one-hundred playgrounds per city!

Clearly, we want our kids to have a great time when they play, which is why many cities are starting to utilize synthetic turf as a sensible ground cover solution for outdoor and indoor playgrounds alike.

The Most Realistic Artificial Grass for a Play Space

The most realistic artificial grass looks and feels like the real thing, but has untold benefits for any play space. This is a ground cover that retains its aesthetic appeal, holding up to even the strongest of UV light, year after year after year. Artificial grass is sensible, affordable, safe, visually appealing, and comfortable for playing on. And did we mention the benefits? Read on for a full list. And if you’re ready to schedule your free estimate, call our design department at (615) 356-0139.

The Top Benefits for Utilizing Synthetic Turf in a Children’s Play Area

Listed below are the top ten reasons why utilizing synthetic turf for a children’s play area just plain makes sense:

Synthetic Turf – The Safe Choice for a Children’s Play Area

We touched on this in the above section, but it deserves a section of its own. Perhaps the single best benefit of synthetic turf for a children’s play space is the safety factor that synthetic turf creates. The sand infill layer below synthetic turf makes this ground covering softer and more impact-absorbent than natural grass. So the next time your child falls off the swings or comes off the slide way too fast, they’ll likely spring back up and go do it again, abrasion-free and bruise-free thanks to the shock absorption of synthetic turf.

And let’s think about what we find in natural grass. Rocks, gravel bits, sticks, twigs, spiders, bugs, trip-worthy roots, abrasive material, rusty nails, long forgotten objects and implements, etc. These items and more are the kinds of things that kids trip over, cut themselves on, get bitten by, etc. Not so with a synthetic turf ground covering. Synthetic turf offers a predictable surface. And by predictable we mean a surface that does not have anything in it which might bring harm to a child. This is truly a safe solution.

Smart Scapes LLC – Cutting Edge Design and Expert Installation for Artificial Turf

If you are considering an artificial turf play area for your home or institution’s playground, look no further than Smart Scapes LLC and Celebrity Greens. We hope to always be there when people ask, “Who is the best landscaper in Nashville?” and we aim to meet that call by providing every landscape service needed in this great city. To take a look at some of our recently completed projects, check out our website at

Frequently Asked Questions About Artificial Turf for Kids’ Play Areas

Questions? Unsolved mysteries? Want to know more? Included below are the top five questions we hear the most about synthetic turfs for children’s play areas:

Only in the hottest of sun. Our artificial turfs are made from polypropylene and tire cord, so it takes a lot to heat them up. Most of the time, if the turf is hot to the touch, it’ll be on a day so brutal you wouldn’t want your kids playing in it anyway.

Even in the most heavy-use scenarios, artificial turf will last for about twenty years or more.

Prices vary considerably, depending on location, installation requirements, the complexity of the job, and the type of turf needed. But one can expect to pay ten to twenty dollars per square foot.

While we don’t recommend using artificial turf on splash pads or water play areas, artificial turf will drain stormwater just fine.

Absolutely. No mulch or intermediate fillers are needed. Artificial turf can cover the entire play area, and it can come right up against and border all kinds of play equipment.


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