Reading Rock HydraStone® Permeable Paver

Permeable Pavers are environmentally friendly, making the paved surface both ecologically sound and economically smart. We proudly support the development of “green” product innovations and are committed to developing and improving our entire product line with respect to the environment.

NOTE: Reading Rock recommends using a roller compactor on PaverLock Elite pavers.

Reading Rock paver products are manufactured to meet industry standards and are thus de-icing salt resistant; however, caution should be used when applying de-icing chemicals and excessive use should always be avoided as it may cause damage to the paver surface. Once loosened, snow, ice and excess deicing chemicals should be promptly removed. Additionally, Reading Rock recommends using calcium, sodium, and potassium-based products or rock salt only, Do not use magnesium, ammonium nitrate, or ammonium sulfate-based products as they are very aggressive and may cause damage to the paver surface.


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