Smart Scapes Featured on the Local On 2 Show
with Silvia Castaneda and Laura Schweizer

How pavers can revamp your home and add tons of value?

Pavers are quick way to revamp your driveways, patios and walkways. They are also more durable than traditional concrete and comes with a lifetime warranty! 

David Schmutz, CEO, of Smart Scapes was interviewed and featured on the Local on 2 show on October 11th.  David was interviewed by the talented hosts of the Local on 2 show – Silvia and Laura. The segment title was “How pavers can revamp your home and add tons of value.” Pavers are a quick way to revamp your driveways, patios and walkways.  

During the segment, Laura mentioned that pavers helped homeowners revamping their home at a great value – a value that can transfer to home value. David and the hosts discussed paver overlays and showcased projects including paver driveway overlay for projects with pavers overlayed on concrete, asphalt and gravel.  The projects showcased were recent paver projects from homes in Green Hills and Nashville area.

David walked through the history of pavers all the way back to Egyptian time. David said, “Pavers are as old as time – they go back to Egyptian times – stones were laid in a specific way to make roads.” David discussed how pavers provide an effective low maintenance solution, if there is a problem under the pavers – that section can be lifted, the issue repaired and the pavers installed back in place. Pavers provide a cost-effective way to help divert water away from your home and handle your drainage issues. We use high quality products such as Keystone Pavers – we are an exclusive vendor for Keystone and are proud to provide durable products to homeowners across Middle TN.

Additionally, Silvia, Laura, and David discussed the benefits of paver overlay projects such as affordability and value. He reviewed that in the past, pavers were expensive – the labor and haul off made the process labor intensive. By using a mechanical paver overlay and recycling the old driveway, we have removed cost and labor.  Our equipment is impressive – we can lay 16 square feet in 1 minute! That’s how we can apply a paver overlay and transform an outdoor space in only a few days. We have projects where driveways have been transformed in 2 days!  Smart Scapes was honored to share our paver solutions with the WKRN hosts and viewers! If you have questions about driveway overlay options, contact us to discuss your needs.

About WKRN:

WKRN/NEWS2 is an ABC Affiliate owned and operated by Media General. WKRN is a local news and weather station in Nashville, TN.  WKRN offers a variety of programming across middle TN.
About Smart Scapes:

Smart Scapes is an exclusive contractor of paver overlay products for homeowners, landlords, contractors, and business owners across Tennessee. We provide paver installation for home projects including driveways, patios, pool decks, retaining walls, and walkways. For our commercial clients, we offer permeable pavers and concrete pavers to enhance parking lots, roadways, driveways, and sidewalks.  Our paver solutions are affordable and economical, and they add value and curb appeal to any outdoor project or space. Mechanical overlays cost much less than traditional concrete, and projects only take a few days to complete. We offer residential and commercial paver options through our Smart Scapes and Permeable Paver brands.

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