Connie Schmutz


Her admirable christian values brings a mother type leadership that is not only enduring but effective


With a passion for giving clients their dream home aesthetic, Smart Scapes has been leading the charge in innovative landscaping paving with a female leader since the 1990s. Founder Connie Schmutz started the company with her son in 1993. As a woman-led enterprise dedicated to giving our customers exemplary service, Smart Scapes continues to build off of our legacy as pioneers in the landscaping industry. Here’s a closer look at Connie Schmutz’s leadership and her vision for Smart Scapes’ future.

A Woman-Led Business Founded with Fierce Integrity

Founding Smart Scapes on principles of kindness and integrity, Connie Schmutz established a deep appreciation for employees and customers as the basis for the company’s values. As a result, Smart Scapes is fortunate to have both employees and customers that have been with us for decades! This type of loyalty is a direct result of Connie Schmutz’s belief that caring for people is the basis of a business. Treating customers and employees with respect has created a positive reputation for Smart Scapes that extends beyond the Nashville area.

Outstanding Hardscape and Home Exterior Masterpieces

Founded as a landscaping company, Smart Scapes has since expanded and transitioned into completing a variety of projects such as hardscaping for homes and businesses under Connie Schmutz’s leadership. We are proudly a DBE woman-owned and minority-owned business that is honored to serve our amazing clients. We proudly offer high-quality residential pavers, retaining walls, fiberglass pools and outstanding landscape design at reasonable prices. We are also pleased to offer a number of commercial services to enhance your space. Our renowned snow and ice services keep employees and customers safe despite harsh weather conditions.

Smart Scapes’ Leadership is Paving the Way to Success

By providing a large variety of services that render our clients’ homes more beautiful and functional, Smart Scapes is able to make a positive, lasting impact in our community and in the state of Tennessee as a whole. Take a look at our glowing reviews to see why we’re the top choice for thorough and efficient landscaping services that transform your home into a relaxing oasis. With strong, female leadership and an unwavering commitment to our employees’ well-being and customers’ needs, Smart Scapes is your go-to for all things regarding landscaping and home beautification. Give us a call at 615-356-0139 today or fill out our quick contact form to connect with our friendly team today.

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